Resume Tips

Resume & LinkedIn Writing Service Partnership
Want an Expertly Tailored Resume? Kinsa Group has partnered with Resume Pilots, an executive resume writing firm, to help prepare highly effective resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that drive results.
A Quick Guide to Improve Your Resume
Ready to make a new start? Before you begin looking for a new job, take a look at your resume.
Create a Power Resume to Land the Executive Food & Beverage Job You Want
When you’re on a job hunt you have to do everything possible to make yourself attractive to prospective food & beverage employers. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a power resume.
Resolution: Resume Redo
“Warning: Don’t hire me!” Is your food & beverage resume full of red flags, or does it green-light you as a candidate? If it’s the former, the New Year is a perfect time for a resume redo.
Is Your Resume “Killer” – or Is It Killing Your Food & Beverage Career?
What’s the difference between a resume that yields an embarrassment of riches and one that’s, well, just an embarrassment?
Resume Optimization Tips & Resume Advice from Kinsa Group
What do today’s food & beverage recruiters want to see on your resume? Optimization tips dedicated to a specific professional job category within the food & beverage industry.
Where Will Your Cover Letter Take You?
A carefully crafted cover letter can put you at the top of a recruiter’s “hot” list. A generic or sloppy one? That will send you directly to the “reject” pile. So ask yourself this important question:
Kinsa Says, “Size Does Matter!”
…when it comes to landing the executive food & beverage job you want, that is. The cruel truth? Research from shows that, on average, your resume gets just six seconds’ worth of scrutiny from a recruiter.